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Do Whatever He Tells You
(The 2nd Luminous Mystery
The Wedding Feast at Cana)

One day Jesus and Mary
were invited to a wedding feast
The bride and groom had lots of guests
and there was plenty to eat
But early in the evening
they ran out of wine
And no one knew quite what to do
but Mary had something in mind

She said to Jesus, “I’m concerned
there’s no more wine to drink”
With one hand on His Shoulder
she looked at Him and winked
He said, “What do you want Me to do?
My hour has not yet come”
But Mary called the waiters ‘cause she knew what was about to be done

(And she said) Do whatever He tells you
Do it without delay
And if we were to ask her
she’d say the same today
‘Cause Mary wants to help us
in each and every way
She brings our needs to Jesus
every time we pray

Jesus told the waiter
to put water in the empty jar
And take some to the man in charge
who thought this was bizarre
But when he put it to his lips
it tasted quite divine
There wasn’t any water in the jar
Jesus turned it into wine

(Cause she said)…(REPEAT CHORUS)
(She says)…(REPEAT CHORUS)

Copyright 2017
Mary Zitnik
Ponditz Publishing